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You know how many calories are burned playing chess?

Chess tournaments and card games like bridge and poker always covered in the sports pages of newspapers or the corresponding section in the news.

Not for less. Players of “science game” as the bridge and poker, always accuse an enormous fatigue, both physical and mental, after a long match.

However, there are those who question the label “sport” is placed in such activities, since they argue that do not involve physical effort.

Recently, Sports England , the government body that governs the sport in England, refused to grant funds to the national organization of bridge, Inglés Bridge Union, arguing that a sport should be an “activity with the aim of improving physical fitness and welfare “ .

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BridgeImage copyrightGETTY
Image captionbridge players can spend up to nine hours sitting in a game. That, they say, requires effort.

According to the calculations of a book on exercise physiology, a person weighing 70 kilos burn 105 calories per hour playing cards (while burn about 400 if Imounted bicycle brisk, for example), if you do like recreation in instead of being in a high – level tournament.

According to Mark Burnley, professor of sports and exercise at the University of Kent in southern England, it is “essentially identical in terms of energy expenditure” to sit still during the same period .

Heather Dhondy, member of the English team of bridge, acknowledges that “does not involve much physical activity” but, anyway, requires having a good physical condition, because people “can spend up to nine hours a day playing” .

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The chess grandmasters consume 6,000 to 7,000 calories a day when they are in competition , says Robert Sapolsky, professor of neurology at Stanford University in California, USA

” They generate a massive psychological stress simply by thinking . They do the same thing as a beast just open the stomach to its biggest rival, but everything is done with thinking, memory and emotion.”

The correspondent of the Daily Telegraph chess, Malcolm Pein, has noticed that players taking  Pastillas para Bajar de Peso Rapidamente during tournaments .

Chess tournament
Image captionThe great chess masters often trotting or swim as part of their physical training.

“It’s like being in finals for nine consecutive days, each test lasting five hours and the questions changing every moment.”

The matches played against the clock also require skill , he adds, recalling that once had to make three moves in a second because they had run out of time allotted.

Leah experts games better use the brain

However, Burnley is skeptical about the caloric figures speaking Sapolsky.

“That’s the kind of level would be expected to run a stage of the Tour de France” .

Whatever the caloric production during a tournament, it is very common for elite chess players swim or trot as part of their physical training.

The best poker players train more and eat well to improve endurance.

But Burnley argues that there is “little evidence” to show that physical fitness improves performance in chess, poker or bridge.

But Pein disagrees: “I stopped playing chess after turning 40. I could not stand the pace for more than four hours. Demand much physically .”

Cuba is the queen in chess and beauty

 Hall of FENAG in the capital Guatemalteca was performed with success the Central American and Caribbean women, attended by 40 chess players from five federations the area, with the majority (33) as dictated manuals, host representatives.
One of the foreign seven Cuban Lisandra WMI Llaudi Pupo won the tournament nine rounds with a score of 8.5, giving tables to which, ultimately was runner-up the Guatemalan Claudia Mencos also onde comprar lift x creme.
Ninety minutes thirty seconds was the tempo and was arbitrated by the International AI Erick Hernandez, who obligingly packed suitcases, I take a couple of Cadejos beer, also threw primer The Laws of Chess, he taught the ballot in the long torturous borders Central and faster than light was already on the other side and as always, no fuss, took out a clean and unblemished tournament.
Ah ….. sorry, before I forget, for what some still wishfully think that women ‘s chess is lower, the Llaudi also a blitz is aimed at the end of the tournament and came and there were 67 full – length pimponeros and among them, or many of them, the first led by the living legend MI Carlos Juarez and Cuba division simply does not see the twists and also won that award

SEO: Relationship between Web Positioning and Chess


Although I am now quite out of practice, boy always played games of chess with my father, although I never won a game until today I think I have to thank that experience the taste for difficult challenges.

The idea of this article came from seo expert gold coast – is to compare the different elements that make up the web positioning with chess pieces, our opponent would be our competition playing with the same parts that we … finally after all is a game of wit and anticipate the moves of opponent.

You might forget me some details or give the value of each element is very much based only on my own experience, so if you want to add something they can do so in the comments.

seo-and-chess-1Content: Content is king, and that’s not a cliché. With the advancement of search algorithms is becoming more important to provide quality content to readers as the content of low quality or copied from another source is quickly filtered.

The content is not merely a vehicle or housing for your keywords, in fact it is the opposite, the idea to position for certain keywords is to show your content to search engine users.

Like everything related to supply and demand, consumers (boaters) do not need more of the same, but need content that really contribute something useful or novel, while your content has at least a little “nugget” is already Useful.

seo-and-chess-2Linking: Content is the king and queen are the links. The links between pages provide context and relevance to the content, I’m talking about all kinds of links, both internal and external.

The time where it mattered more quantity than quality long passed, increasingly worth less links out of context or with little relevance thanks to technological advances of the major search engines.

Common sense tells us that this trend will gradually increase as the engine robots have more and better tools available to analyze data indexing and positioning.

seo-and-chess-3OnPage Optimization: Another very important factor is the OnPage optimization, although we have excellent content and good links there is another factor that plays an important role, serving the information to the search engine robot on a silver platter.

At the end of the day , the idea behind the proper use of the title, meta tags, h1, etc. It is to tell the engine: “HEY! Look, I exist and this talk! “

Give a hand to the robot by wordy code is always welcome and rewarded.

seo-and-chess-4Healthy internal structure: A healthy internal structure of our site gives us a lot more credibility both against users as compared to search engines, fix all broken internal links, avoid duplicate content , “understandable”, URLs etc. They are a basic necessity.

A good internal structure allows both the robot and the navigator easily reach every corner of our site following only a couple of links, which facilitates correct indexing of our entire site.

Many people complain that when optimize the structure of your site get less page impressions , the data are not good or bad in itself, so a drop in impressions can mean that your users get faster to destination, it all depends the eye of the beholder (or how you think monetizing your site).


Keyword research: This point is closely related to the content and linking, nusestro know how to seek potential customers, readers or whatever we seek to turn the navigator is very important.

While there are no exact data in this respect, approximations and averages of monthly searches used to determine the competition for a certain keyword and make decisions based on that.

Some tools to perform keyword research are: Keyword Tool External , SKTools and good pay is Keyword Elite 2.0 , however with the free tools and should give a good fight.

seo-and-chess-6Promote ourselves : All forms of self-promote ourselves with links they are bad? No, it depends on what you do and if you add the link you really add value.

Spamming a lot of directories sites may no longer worth the same as yesterday, but you can write articles to article directories such as: or , we must make these items are not mere copy of the fresh content and we have on our site, usually at the end of the article we can add one or two links pointing to our site.

Another way to promote a site of a company is a theme related blog , the links that come from the blog are good provided they bring added value to the reader and relevant. These are legitimate means of promotion and link building.

And you are the most important pieces are in your game?

11 films and documentaries for chess enthusiasts

16 pieces per player and a board of 64 squares. That’s all it takes to play chess, a board game with even more history and is considered sport .Whether you’re an expert like you’re just a rookie, thanks to the collaboration of xmovies8 we offer you a collection of films and documentaries related to this world: from stories of great chess players, through the Cold War that was also developed on the boards and even how chess unites and helps slum schools offer hope to their students.

Brooklyn Castle (documentary, 2012)

“Imagine a school where children belong … most popular chess team.” Fiction? No: the true story of a small school in Brooklyn . Most students live below the poverty line and chess is for them an escape route. In recent years they have been proclaimed over and over national champions and, in fact, the institute is the most championships won throughout its history.

The documentary focuses on the story of five of his students for a year, showing us not only how the chess program your school has been affected by the numerous budget cuts, but also the difficulties and personal challenges that these guys must overcome day to day. It was very well received among critics after being screened at various festivals, which has served for Sony to be set at the history and acquired the rights to make a movie .

Bobby Fischer Against the World (documentary, 2011)

Another documentary, although in this case on one of the most popular players in history not only features interviews with many of his peers, but also shows for thefirst time never before seen footage of the World Chess Championship 1972 it was decided with what was then known as the Game of the Century between Fischer and Boris Spassky Russian archenemy. “One of the most beautiful films ever shot about chess , ” says Federico Marin Bellon.

Pawn Sacrifice (movie, 2015)

If you still want to know more about Bobby Fischer and his story, the film ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ focuses precisely on his life and how, unwittingly, he was caught in the Cold War between the two superpowers of the time. Tobey Maguire gives life to the protagonist, while Liev Schreiber has been chosen to play Boris Spassky.Although he was in some festivals in 2014, it is not expected to be released in theUS until September this year . In Spain we are still waiting …

Searching for Bobby Fischer (film, 1993)

Although named after Bobby Fischer in the title, it has nothing to do with the chess player known (in fact, it is said that he complained to use their name without permission). Instead, ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’ tells the story of Joshua Waitzkin , a child prodigy who existed (and exists) in reality. His father wrote a book about the chess world, which is where the film is based check it on putlocker. And darling ,because if you’re a fan of this discipline, you will find a popular teacher cameo along the tape.

Does your argument? Basically Waitzkin life after his family discovered he had a knack for chess and hire a teacher to teach you how to take advantage of their skills to become the next world champion. Throughout the game various items that have been are analyzed retrospectively by other players. However, some criticize several major flaws that it has and that may go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Computer Chess (movie, 2013)

A strange comedy , shot in black and white to give more authenticity (no, not a documentary but want to seem). It is set in the 80s, when players began to play against some computers. Its director confesses in an interview that they had only a draft script of eight pages and that most of the dialogue is improvised, so you can imagine the improvisation that is present at all times in the final result.

As a result, and also be such a specific subject, the reviews have been quite disparate : some criticize it and much while others believe that it is one of the best comedies of recent times. Chances are that you like if you’re a big fan of chess or computers (preferably both), but if you can not be quite heavy and boring.

The Dark Horse (film, 2014)

Project originating in New Zealand swept all national awards (and took occasional international) in 2014. The story, though it is told in film form, it is inspired by the life and work of Genesis Potini a popular chess player with bipolar disorder trying to teach the most disadvantaged youth in your community to play chess to prevent them from becoming criminals.

Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine (documentary, 2003)

For those who do not understand much about chess, yes there is a time in recent years with which we are very familiar: the “battle” between Kasparov and Deep Blue . In 1996, this machine designed by IBM faced for the first time against Garry Kasparov, one of the best players in history. He won a game, but Kasparov emerged victorious in the series. Things changed in 1997 with Deep Blue crownedas the first machine winning a World Chess Championship.

However, Kasparov was not entirely happy with the result and even hinted that the movements of Deep Blue had a touch of creativity, something impossible for a machine with artificial intelligence and that only could be explained by the intervention of a human. The HBO documentary echoes these accusations andanalyzes the controversy that then emerged, with interviews with Kasparov himself, people from IBM and other experts.

Long Live the Queen (children’s film, 1995)

It will not win an Oscar because it is not anything special , but this Dutch film 1995 can be a good way to start in chess to the smallest of the house. Tells the story of a girl with a great imagination that he misses his father, a chess champion who has just seen. He decides to learn to play but it does very peculiar way: through a story and enchanted pieces that can speak.

Geri’s Game (short, 1997)

It was the first Pixar short (that position is occupied ‘ Luxo Jr. ‘, 1986), but it is one of the most popular films of the history of animation studio. However, yes that was a pioneer in something: it was the first time that Pixar was a human being in a short.

In ‘Geri’s Game’ is an old man playing against himself in a chess game that develops intensely in a park. It was screened in some cinemas in 1997, although its success came in 1998 after being included in the VHS and DVD of ‘Bug ‘s Life’.So much was the impact that the short film was the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film , among many other international awards.

Chess Fever (movie, 1925)

A silent and black and white movie recorded in Russia in 1925 which is defined as “a story of love, obsession … and chess!”. Although the style does not call too, it will seem rather curious because using some actual images recorded during the annual tournament that year. Jose Raul Capablanca , a Cuban chess player, plays the protagonist, while also reveal, among others, Frank Marshall , Rudolf Spielmann , Carlos Torre and Frederick Yates .

Dangerous Moves (film, 1984)

French – Swiss co – production in 1984 was nominated for several international awards , including the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film, although none of the awards did not take. The story takes place in 1983, during the celebration of a prestigious chess tournament also staged political tensions that existed at that time. In fact, although the title cluelessness, we are facing a new mistranslation on his arrival in Spain ( ‘La Diagonale du Fou’ in the original French, it should be ‘The diagonal of the bishop’ in Castilian, but “fou” also means “crazy”).

While it is a fiction film, has several parallels with some events on chess which actually occurred, as explained by the criticism of Beatlespock in BFI :

The film makes many winks to real chess events: the Match of the Century between Spassky and Fischer in 1972 in Reykyavik and the World Chess Championship between Anatoli Karpov 1978 Viktor Korchnoi and. Pavius Fromm (Alexandre Arbatt) is a kind of mixture of great Bobby Fischer and Korchnoi, a Russian – Swiss; and Liebskind (Michel Piccoli) and his cohort of teachers surely represents the purest Soviet faction manipulates at will to its ablest citizens in favor of communist supremacy. Recall the role of Karpov vs. Kasparov in his memorable duels 80, immobilism against perestroika. ( Critique of Beatlespock in BFI ).

Bonus Track: If you like chess and you’re curious about some of the scenes with board and chips as protagonists, I recommend this collection , where they analyze the positions on the board and also some gaffes.